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September Updates

Where does the time go?

Especially at this time of year, when I am taking the garden in and putting it to bed, and tightening up everything around the farm for the winter, time just speeds by.

Throw in the edits of Assassin’s Fate, and there is barely time to eat and sleep in between tasks.

Many of you have asked and I will confirm that the publication date in the US and in the UK has been moved to April 2017. This is one hundred percent due to how slow I was to finish writing the book, so I cannot blame anyone except myself. Thanks for your understanding! There are a lot of story threads coming together in this volume and I desperately want to do an excellent job on it.

In other news, in February, I’ll be visiting Florida for Pensacon. It’s held from Feb 17 to 19 in Pensacola, Florida. It’s one of those lovely festivals where one can meet a writer or a wrestler, talk to voice actors and screen actors, watch artists create and have a wonderful time. I’m very much looking forward to it and expect to spend a great deal of time at the WordFire booth with Kevin Anderson and company!

But Before All That I will

1. Finish these edits!
2. Go to Jet City Comic Show in my home town of Tacoma, WA. November 5-6.
3. Be a guest of honor at Rustycon, January 13-15 at the SeaTac Airport Marriott

So now you know where to find me in the coming months. But for now, it’s back to the edits for me. Wish me luck!

Farseer Cosplay Contest and Jet City Comic Show

    Jet City Comic Show ( is just around the corner!  It opens from November 5-6, in the Tacoma Convention Center. This is a very affordable and accessible Comic Show, with an $18 ticket ( getting you in for both days. Jet City covers a wide range of popular culture, with comic artists and… Continue Reading

August 17,2016

Oh, it is far too hot here. Whatever is Western Washington thinking? I have to get up early to do the outside chores, and then hide inside until the evening and the wind off the Nisqually River comes. The manuscript of Assassin’s Fate is turned in and I am awaiting what I know will be… Continue Reading

Subterranean Hobb Hardbacks: A Second Chance

  Well, those Subterranean sets sold out fast, didn’t they?  You can still buy individual copies, including buying a copy of each book to have the full set!  And please note that Subterranean kept that price at $180 for all three! BUT, if you really wanted a set, and you’d like them personalized to you, then… Continue Reading

Farseer Trilogy as Limited Edition Hardbacks from Subterranean Press

  When the Farseer Trilogy was first published in the US, Assassin’s Apprentice and Royal Assassin were first issued as trade paperbacks (oversized paperbacks) and then as standard ones, with cover art by Michael Whalen. Assassin’s Quest was published as a hardback with cover art by Steven Youll.  Each presentation was lovely in its own… Continue Reading

New Bookplates!

I sometimes receive requests by mail to autograph books.  Unfortunately, most of my packages are left on my doorstep, and the rainy Washington weather is not kind to books.   So rather than have readers send me books to be signed and then make multiple trips to the post office so I can mail them back,… Continue Reading

What’s In a Name?

Shakespeare asked us that, some time ago.  As Juliet mused on her balcony, she pondered, “After all,  A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” But what if I offer you a rose, but when you open the box, you find a turnip?.  Or a bicycle? Tonight, against my inclinations, I went to… Continue Reading