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Independent Book Store Day is April 30th!! See you at University Book Store!

What was your first bookstore?

I have dim memories of going to a big department store in San Francisco with my mom.  In the elevator, there was a label beside the floor button for BOOKS.  We went there to buy two new Walter Farley books for me to take on the long airplane journey to Fairbanks, Alaska.  I still have one of them.

My next bookstore was Adler’s bookstore in Fairbanks.  It was owned and run by the Adlers.  It was not a large bookstore, but it was a source of important purchase for me.  The Cat and Mrs. Carey.  Irish Fairy and Folk Tales. Books of poetry by e.e. cummings.  And, as I earned the money for them, The Hobbit and then one by one, each volume of The Lord of the Rings.  In HARDBACK!  I remember well that they sold American flags there, but only the ones made in the USA.  And that every spring, there would be a vase of flowers —- Lilacs, if I recall correctly —- and buyers were invited to take a blossom with them as they left.

I’ve patronized a lot of bookstores since then, but those ones remain forever as mileposts in my life.

So I hope readers everywhere will be celebrating their local independent bookstores by dropping in and buying a book! We have some great ones in Tacoma.  Among my favorites: Culpeppers Books in the Proctor District, and Tacoma Book Center down near our beloved Tacoma Dome!  And let’s not forget King’s Books!  Go buy a book and let them know how much you still love brick and mortar bookstores.

One of my stops on Saturday will be University Book Store in Seattle.  At 6:30, I will be there with Greg Bear, Elliott Kay and Matt Ruff for a panel discussion on Speculative Fiction.  I expect to have a wonderful time there, and I do hope you will attend and enjoy also!  And please do stop and tell a staff member that we are so glad they are book sellers and not just store clerks!

Fun fact:  On January 10, 1900, University Book Store was started as a student owned co-op. And guess what?  Despite it’s growth, it is still student owned!  Check out its tale on the history page of their site.




Guest of Honor for Gencon!

I am so pleased to share this news with you all! And the best way to do that is with this LINK!   Now I know they show a Seattle address at the bottom of that page. But it will actually be in Indianapolis!  August 4-7, 2016 at the Indiana Convention Center.   I’ll hope… Continue Reading

Emerald City Comic Con

Chase here, for those attending Emerald City Comic Con this year and hope to connect with us, we will be starting our first panel off on Friday the 8th, at 4pm in room W603, alongside Kevin Hearne, Peter V. Brett, and Tricia Narwani. That same day at 5:15pm in the same room will be the… Continue Reading


March doesn’t seem to be coming in as either a lamb or a lion this year, but a bit of both every day. Right now here in Western Washington, USA  the weather is mild and for the moment, no rain is falling.  For the first time in months, I have doors open wide to let… Continue Reading

Books One and Three have been found, Tacoma!

So, to recap: Book #1 was found within hours of posting the clues .  Here are the answers! #1: We are not on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet As the cupcakes next door are nothing but treats.  (This is a clear reference to Celebrity Cake Studio, a favorite of ours for fancy cakes for… Continue Reading

Go out in the Rain and Claim a Book!

It’s raining again. Another gray day. Why not go out in the rain, with or without one of those sissy umbrellas  (I just grit my teeth and squint into the downpour!  My dripping hair proclaims me a true resident of the PNW!) and find a book.  Then you can go home and curl up warm… Continue Reading

Good Morning, Tacoma! Ready for a Riddle?

It’s 1 PM and the second set of clues for the second book are now added!  No finders have RSVP’d so I think the first book is still out there!  Good Luck!   It’s been a bit drizzly and gray outside. Perfect weather for curling up by the fire with a book, as all bookish… Continue Reading