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Robin Hobb news and updates

Miscon Approaches!

And what is Miscon?  It’s Montana’s longest running SF/fantasy convention, held in Missoula over the last weekend in May.

It’s over Memorial Day weekend, so our plan is to head down with several of Hobb’s Goblins (the apprentice assistants) and Kat, Chase and Ru (the folks who get things done around here) and have a wonderful time at the convention.

I am very pleased to say that I will be their writing Guest of Honor.  I would be very flattered if you came just to visit with me, but Miscon is also featuring Abney Park, Dragon Dronet, Chad Volpe, and Jeff Sturgeon.  Word Fire Press will also be on hand!

What can you expect?  Book discussions, costumes, panels of all sort, costuming, art, meeting old friends, meeting new friends, buying books, movies, enjoying music . . . well, all sorts of fun and exciting things.

We’ll hope to see you there!





Guest of Honor for Gencon!

I am so pleased to share this news with you all! And the best way to do that is with this LINK!   Now I know they show a Seattle address at the bottom of that page. But it will actually be in Indianapolis!  August 4-7, 2016 at the Indiana Convention Center.   I’ll hope… Continue Reading

Emerald City Comic Con

Chase here, for those attending Emerald City Comic Con this year and hope to connect with us, we will be starting our first panel off on Friday the 8th, at 4pm in room W603, alongside Kevin Hearne, Peter V. Brett, and Tricia Narwani. That same day at 5:15pm in the same room will be the… Continue Reading


March doesn’t seem to be coming in as either a lamb or a lion this year, but a bit of both every day. Right now here in Western Washington, USA  the weather is mild and for the moment, no rain is falling.  For the first time in months, I have doors open wide to let… Continue Reading

Books One and Three have been found, Tacoma!

So, to recap: Book #1 was found within hours of posting the clues .  Here are the answers! #1: We are not on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet As the cupcakes next door are nothing but treats.  (This is a clear reference to Celebrity Cake Studio, a favorite of ours for fancy cakes for… Continue Reading

Go out in the Rain and Claim a Book!

It’s raining again. Another gray day. Why not go out in the rain, with or without one of those sissy umbrellas  (I just grit my teeth and squint into the downpour!  My dripping hair proclaims me a true resident of the PNW!) and find a book.  Then you can go home and curl up warm… Continue Reading