Australian e-book readers, say thanks to Tracey!

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Tracey wrote in response to my post on Dragon Keeper and a reduced e-book price:

“Hi Robin
as usual Aussies miss out on the discount price.
We pay on Amazon $9.36. Thanks Harper Collins.”

And Tracey wasn’t the only one. 

 If you feel like readers are not heard, well, you are. 

It’s going to take a few days to get this up and going, but check the e-book price on Dragon Keeper next week. Publishers do want to keep you happy! And writers want you to be happy.

So, my sincere thanks to HarperCollins in Australia!


  1. I can’t seem to comment on older posts, so I’ll just comment here, hope you don’t mind…

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I’m so happy you’re coming to the elf fantasy fair! Will you be there both days? I can only come one day this year, but I don’t know which one yet…
    Last year, I went as the fool, and because I heard you’re coming this year, I’ll be going as him/her this year too!

  2. Thanks Robin, thanks Tracey and, yes, a HUGE thank-you to HarperCollins here in Australia!!!



  3. It would be such fun to see that costume!
    I will be at Elf Fantasy for both days, I believe. I hesitate to say that, because my schedule is not completely finalized yet. As soon as I know it, I will post it here!

  4. Tracey C - January 19, 2012

    many thanks Robin

    I will let Harper Collins know how happy I am that they will listen to their Authors and customers

    I have all your books in paperback. From Dragon Keeper onwards as ebooks, also.

    Am eagerly waiting City of Dragons

  5. Tracey C - January 23, 2012

    Hi Robin
    Price drop on Dragon Keeper came in today for $2.13
    Many thanks to you and Harper Collins :grin:

  6. You are very welcome!

    Now I’ll post a quick question here: Would Australian users of the Kindle Version let me know about the quality of the e-book? I’ve had one user contact me to say there were many errors and lots of lost italics. I need to hear back to discover if this is one person’s problem Kindle, or if there is a much bigger problem!!!!

  7. Tracey C - January 24, 2012

    Hi Robin when I have finished my current book I will read Dragon Keeper again. (I bought the paperback when it first came out) I was going to read both books in the series to refresh my memory in the lead up to City of Dragons. I will let you know how the ebook goes.
    Thanks again

  8. I was so happy when i saw this as I was about to buy it for my new e-reader (have I all the paperbacks, but love my e-reader and your books enough to buy them again)

    Just a quick question is City of Dragons going to have an ebook release on the 7th as well? and will it be available on all ebook formats? I use Kobo not Kindle and would be sad if i couldn’t get my hands on it.

  9. Laura, are you in the US? Answers will vary based on location! Sometimes it’s best to check a website such as or or your Kobo site to get the latest info for where you are! Thanks for being interested!